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Giant Defiant Faith & A Little Bit of Fashion

Jackie Wells-Lindstrom events faith giant jeans

You may have noticed by now that while this is the Too Belles website blog, you will more often than not get a whole lot of Jackie in the writing.  My hope is that you will not hold it against me but get to know the owner of this little boutique instead...

January, it has never ever been my favorite month - 2017 not an exception.  (Exception to this exception - my beloved Tigers won the National Championship in case you haven't heard!) To expect things to be less than stellar and experiencing the less than stellar - two very different things. My fellow business owners will completely understand that I have had plenty of time on my hands as of late.  I will admit, I have done some serious stress eating and some worrying as well.  I have also taken the time to put some positive words in my ears and they have traveled straight to my heart.  If you ever get a chance to listen to the teachings of Beth Moore - take it!  I was able to listen to a series on David and Goliath.  How appropriate the lesson for this time in my life.  David had some giant defiant faith.  I realized I need this kind of faith in my own life. I am doing my best to know that even though times may be tough, God's got this.  Side note - faith is not always for the faint of heart - but practice makes perfect, right?

As for the little store that could...we are doing some BIG things now.  ALL shoes are 30% off - even sale styles!  Over half of the store is marked down in order to make room for new spring arrivals.  We have some great events on the horizon - look for the Too Belles Love Your Heart event.  I couldn't be happier than to partner with Hilton Head Regional Healthcare for another in store soiree to promote heart health and raise money for local charities.  There are several other events for the month of February and some even bigger sales coming, so stay tuned! 

For those of you that love our jeans/denim line - GREAT NEWS - spring stock just arrived and will be out this week.  I am really excited about the orders that I have just placed and can't wait to share them with you as they come in.  If you are looking for something and can't find it at Too Belles - I AM BEGGING YOU - shop at other local stores!  We have some great ones here in Hilton Head - Birdie James, Coastal Bliss, Traveling Chic Boutique just to name a few.  (These stores all have websites as well.)  I know each of these owners personally and will tell you they are all amazing and want to give you great products and great service!  I love the support I have gotten from them and other stores like Affordables right down the street.

Leaving you with this...

     "David said to Saul, "Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him."     1 Samual 17:32

Whatever that giant in your life may be - having faith that you can conquer it is the first step!  Looking good while doing it - well that's in there too!  Hope to see you soon in my little corner of the fashion world!


Jackie (and the Belles)



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