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Coming Home and Life After Hurricane

Jackie Wells-Lindstrom

This is the first time I have blogged since reopening Too Belles post Hurricane Matthew...I will admit, I just didn't know what I wanted to say. What do you say 60 days into a new business that has suffered through two tropical storms, a hurricane and a cyber attack?  Today, after some much needed clarity, I know what I want to say...THANK YOU GOD!  Thank you for blessing my home with minimal damage, thank you for allowing my business to continue, thank you for continuing to put people in and on my path that remind me that you are a mighty God and everything will be OK.

The last two weeks have been nothing short of adventurous and have made me appreciate home.  This beautiful island still possesses the people and spirit I have grown to love so much.  We have been shown love from so many and have started to put together our new normal. At Too Belles, I have begun to get back in the swing of things and continue my mission to use this business for good.  We were able to donate over $500 to the Low Country Foundation for Hurricane Relief thanks in part to my friend and fellow entrepreneur Katie Knowles at the newly opened Cycle Bar.  This past Tuesday, we started with Too Belles Tuesdays with our first ever Too Belles for Ta Tas event, co hosted with Hilton Head Regional Healthcare and Dr. Ringer.  We will be donating money from sales to the local Breast Cancer Support Group. Bonefish Grill catered and generously donated and Pruitt provided beautiful floral arrangements as well. 

This is what Hilton Head is all about - our trees may be broken but our people are strong and we will continue to rally and help each other and our community.  That is what I call home!  Those of you that know me know how difficult it was for me to leave my family and friends in Columbia, but over time and through this experience, my Hilton Head, my island, my people - this is my home.  I continue to meet people, both locals and visitors that I just know I was meant to meet - divine intervention.  They continue to encourage me to hold steady through this storm.  I feel like I never meet a stranger in this store.  A hospital volunteer came in today and I feel like she may be the sweetest lady on earth - a new found friend.  Together she and I had a thirty minute conversation with the cutest newlywed couple that was finishing their honeymoon on our island.  We all came to the consensus that it was a God thing.  This is hands down my favorite part of owning this business.  Feels like coming home every day!




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